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My Fit Body 360, serving men and women throughout the Detroit metropolitan area in Washington, Michigan, is a leading health, wellness, and fitness center. The company’s wellness and fitness experts know that each individual is different and arrives with a history of successes and failures, and they strive to get to know their clients personally, helping them clearly define their fitness goals and not just reach them, but exceed them.

The team at My Fit Body 360 combines this personalized approach with some of the most cutting-edge fitness technology available today, which provides all the data they need to create the perfect plan for each client. No matter where people are in their fitness journey, My Fit Body 360 helps get them to where they want to be. It can be intimidating to start making drastic lifestyle changes, and fitness is a lifelong process, so the team strives to support their clients through any challenges that arise.

The My Fit Body 360 experts are here to provide the motivation and accountability people need to become their best. The wellness and fitness professionals understand what men and women are going through, and they’re excited to help.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey - We can help!

No matter where you are in your fitness journey - We can help!

Myths and Facts About Corporate Wellness

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Words from our patients

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    "I can't recommend visiting FitBody enough. Visiting here changed my outlook on my health and gave me the knowledge to take control."

    Dylan A.
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    "Awesome experience and loved the in-depth data I got from the Dexa scan. If you're passionate about your fitness journey you should visit Brandon and the team there."

    Nate L.
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    "The staff was super friendly and I felt very comfortable. They helped me figure out realistic goals that will help me become healthier."

    Leanne S.
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    "I would recommend FitBody 360 to anyone! I can't wait to go back [...] to see my progress. Amazing customer service, clean facility and worth every penny!"

    Jennifer M.
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    "I highly suggest going in and talking to them if you want any type of insight into your body composition and overall physical fitness levels."

    Adam F.
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    "Going to FitBody 360 gave me one of the most informative experiences about my body composition that I have ever had."

    Marie S.
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    "I loved all the technology, but the people there were even more exceptional. Will be sending friends!"

    Nate L.
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    "I had an amazing experience at FitBody360! The staff was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable in the whole process. I highly recommend working with them!"

    Erin S.
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    "Fitbody has everything you need to take your fitness to the next level. Just finished my VO2 test, Dexa and RMR. Highly recommend."

    Josh B.
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    "The folks at Fit Body 360 were very professional and offered exceptional service. My recommendation: schedule a DEXA scan at Fit Body 360 today!"

    Kenneth T.
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    "I visited FitBody 360 for the second time today and loved the information I have obtained to help me reach my goals. Highly recommend!"

    Jillian A.
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    " Absolutely loved the service! [Samantha] was very knowledgeable about the tests I had done, she was super nice...and the dexa scan and RMR tests were run smoothly!"

    Alexis C.
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    "Samantha was wonderful! She answered all my questions, and took time to explain everything!"

    Colleen M.
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