A DEXA Scan is so Quick You Can Do it On Your Lunch Break

You might think a DEXA scan is a long, involved screening text. After all, it provides valuable information about your muscle and fat mass, your bone density, and your body fat percentage. But you’d be wrong.

The DEXA scan is quick and painless. It requires no injections or downtime. At My Fit Body 360, we offer DEXA scans to give you information that helps you assess your health and fitness levels. Schedule one at lunch and go back to work, school, or other activities right away.

About DEXA scans

DEXA stands for Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. The scan is often used to diagnose osteoporosis and assess bone loss. The test also gives you, and the team at My Fit Body 360, a lot more information.

In addition to measuring the health and density of your bones, the DEXA scan also helps determine how much of your body is made up of fat and how much of it is made up of lean tissue, such as muscle and organs.

Knowing your fat percentage is more important than knowing your weight. Carrying too much fat — regardless of how much you weigh — increases your risk of certain disease, including heart disease and diabetes.

The DEXA scan process

You don’t have to prepare before the exam. No fasting or shaving is necessary. You don’t need to do any oral prep as you might for a colonoscopy either. In many cases, you can remain fully clothed — just remove any major metal fasteners, such as buckles or hooks. We recommend you wear workout clothes.

You lie on your back on a treatment table and relax for the procedure. You don’t need to move through a tunnel (as you do with an MRI). No injections, sedation, or anesthesia are required.

During the procedure, you should remain very still or the image may be blurred. As you rest, a large scanning arm passes over your body to measure your bone density. The arm doesn’t touch your body; rather, it transmits low-dose radiation to take an image.

The scan takes 10-20 minutes. You can leave right afterward, or the team at My Fit Body 360 may spend a short time with you to discuss the results.

Safety of DEXA scans

DEXA scans are completely safe because they produce a very low dose of radiation. You should avoid the procedure if you’re pregnant, though. The DEXA scan does have a weight limit of 350 pounds, and you should be over the age of 18.

Immediate feedback

The DEXA scan is quick, and you get your results right away. You’ll learn your body composition and bone density levels. This information allows us to discuss your long-term health risks, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

The test also helps identify exactly where your body stores fat and gains muscle. This information helps the My Fit Body 360 team develop a customized exercise and diet plan to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Don’t make excuses. Get a DEXA scan to learn so much about your body and health. Call My Fit Body 360 to book an appointment today.

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