The Importance of Finding Your Limit: How a VO2 Max Test Can Optimize Your Exercise Regimen

Who doesn’t want to improve their workouts to achieve greater results? At My Fit Body 360, we want to help you do just that. VO2 max, a measure of your oxygen uptake, helps you understand your fitness level.

We offer testing to determine where your VO2 max stands and how to improve this important measure of your fitness. Pushing your VO2 max strategically in workouts helps it increase, meaning you can run farther and work harder without fatiguing.

Read on to learn how you can use your VO2 max to become the fittest you possible.

Understand VO2 max

When you start exercising, your body undergoes a series of physiological changes to support increased demands on your system. You start breathing harder and faster to maximize the delivery of oxygen to muscles. Your heart pumps more intensely to improve circulation, which brings fresh blood to working muscles and eliminates waste products.

Your ability to use oxygen efficiently is your VO2 max. The more efficiently your body can utilize oxygen, the easier it is to work at high intensities. Oxygen helps your body break down nutrients — specifically carbs, fats, and protein — into usable fuel for working muscles and organs.

Training to improve your VO2 max means, simply, training your ability to exercise. And being better at exercise improves performance and health.

What about genetics?

Yes, VO2 max is somewhat determined by genetics. You can only reach your personal genetic maximum for oxygen consumption, no matter how much you train.

And even though you may not be able to reach the genetic equivalent of an Olympic marathoner, you can train to improve your personal VO2 max and achieve your personal maximum potential.

Reaching your genetic potential VO2 max is hard, however. It takes serious motivation (which we can help you muster) and serious knowledge (which we have.) It’s the combination of the two that’s most important.

You may have all the motivation possible to become the best you can be, but if you don’t know your VO2 max and how to train it, you only improve so much. This is where My Fit Body 360 comes in. We offer motivation to help you stick to your goals and serious coaching that gives you the workouts to make real fitness change. We keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Improve general health

Of course, not every client wants to shave seconds off their 10K time or excel on the soccer field. That’s OK.

Even if you don’t have major performance goals, an improved VO2 max boosts your overall general health. When you grow your VO2 max, you’re improving your cardiovascular capacity and reducing the stress on your heart caused by workouts and daily workloads. Since cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, giving your heart a functional boost is a boon for your health.

To learn about VO2 max testing and workouts to help it improve, call My Fit Body 360 or book an appointment using this website. Get ready to achieve your fitness potential.

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