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One of the most rewarding, exciting parts of embarking on a fitness journey is tracking your progress. The wellness and fitness professionals have spent years, even decades, in helping people look and feel their best. They’re excited to offer the Fit3D Scan, which uses the latest advances in technology to help men and women track their physical progress in three dimensions, and to visualize their goals. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Fit3D Scan Q & A

What is Fit3D?

Fit3D is a body scanning technology that gives you a precise view of your body shape and measurements. It can be difficult to perform these measurements otherwise, and visual feedback is often inaccurate, as well as time-consuming. Fit3D provides results accurately and quickly.

Fit3D creates a 360-degree image of your body in just 40 seconds, and then it calculates your body composition based on 450 measurements. You can view the scan and previous scans side-by-side, so by undergoing regular scans, you can see the ongoing impact your fitness routine has on your body.

How does Fit3D fit into my fitness plan?

Fit3D can measure your progress and health risk, based on your specific body type, much more accurately and precisely than would otherwise be possible. That’s because Fit3D can figure out the composition of fat and muscle throughout your body, allowing you to see what’s working and where.

Getting regular Fit3D scans as part of your fitness plan can help you and your personal trainer pursue your goals successfully. The scans can help you figure which areas of your body you need to target with your fitness routine, whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, and also track your progress, so you can see what’s working and continue to make adjustments.

Fit3D also allows you to see how your overall appearance has changed since you started your routine, which can motivate you to power through challenges.

Is Fit3D a substitute for a body composition test?

Fit3D is most useful when you use it as part of a comprehensive fitness plan and as one way to track progress, but by itself, it does not substitute for a DEXA scan to measure body fat and muscle mass. However, Fit3D can give you a much more accurate idea of your progress than you would get just by taking photos or by looking in the mirror.

When combined with an understanding of your body composition, Fit3D can help you figure out what’s working and what you need to change.

To learn how Fit3D can be part of your fitness plan, call or schedule an appointment online today.